Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices competitive?

If you are looking for the cheapest prices, we might not be the best option for you. During the summer, many retail stores offer “loss-leaders” where they are actually taking a loss on the product. In order to take advantage of the “loss-leaders”, you will have to shop weekly to accumulate all of the supplies you need at the busy stores. You will be spending endless hours and many trips to the retail stores. In the long run with your time and gas, you will probably be at the same cost of our convenient, name-brand, hassle-free shopping back-to-school supplies kit which is delivered to your front door or school … containing the exact supplies your teacher requested.

How do I get my school involved?

It is very easy! You just need to click the “PTA/PTO Signup” button and fill out our online-registration form. We look forward to having you as a valued client.

Do you use Name Brand Products?

Absolutely ! We use only name brand products to give each child the best quality products such as Crayola, Elmers, Mead, Papermate and Prang.

Is your website Safe & Secure?

Our shopping cart uses a secure, industry standard transaction method.

When do we receive our Donation Check for our school?

We appreciate your business! All proceeds from our fundraiser will be mailed to each school at the end of October. Thank you again for your business.

Do you sell my name & child’s information?

Absolutely NOT …. No Way! Everything, every data, every piece of information you provide our company is strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone. We value the privacy of your family.

What is the cut-off date to order?

As the new school year approaches, we will post details about certain dates.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! We offer 100% guarantee on all of our products. We want all of our customers to be extremely satisfied with everything. Returns are accepted with a $15 restocking fee since each order is custom made per school/grade. Products need to be in original packaging and not opened. If the fundraising profit has been paid to the school, the fundraising profit would be deducted from the final payment to the customer since school has received payment.

Any more questions?

We would love to answer them! Please contact us at: Email: customerservice@1stdayschoolsupplies.com